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Terres Falmet Carignan 750ml

Terres Falmet Carignan 750ml

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Winegrower Yves Falmet and the Carignan grape are both underdogs. Instead of capitalizing upon the Languedoc's Mediterranean climate to churn out fluffy, anonymous wines, Falmet crafts characterful, liquid ambassadors of his untamed and undervalued environs. The fact that he does so in accordance with rigorous environmental standards makes his delicious wine even more appealing. 

Nevermind that you might not have heard of it — the Carignan grape is emblematic of all that's wild and exciting about Southern French wine. Especially when the vines are old (Falmet's were planted more than 80 years ago), Carignan's spectrum of flavours embody interplanetary fruit, an abundance of spice and a compellingly raspy texture that compliments a vast array of savoury, heartwarming cuisine. 

We can think of few winegrowers with Falmet's level of integrity, and few wines that exude the charming authenticity of his old-vine Carignan cuvée. 

– 750 ml Bottle

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