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Tagliolini with Uni Butter & Crisp Guanciale

Tagliolini with Uni Butter & Crisp Guanciale

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Tagliolini using a nori dough, emulsified with uni butter, rendered Guanciale, lemon and chive. These flavours all come together for an ultra-umami, rich and creamy dish with hints of some favourite Japanese flavours. 

Serving For Two People

— 300g Tagliolini
— 200g Uni Butter (contains shellfish)
— 100g Guanciale
— Cut chives


1) Bring a pot of salted water to a boil. 

2) Warm a sauce pan over medium heat. Add guanciale and allow render for about 5 -6 minutes until crisp, then turn off the heat.

3) Cook Tagliolini for 3 minutes. Transfer cooked pasta to sauce pan, add Uni butter and 1/4 cup of pasta water. Reheat the pan if necessary.

4) Toss or stir pasta until butter sauce is emulsified.

5) Plate and garnish with chives.

Contains  dairy, shellfish, pork

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