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2022 Frecciarossa Uva Rara 750ml

2022 Frecciarossa Uva Rara 750ml

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2022 Frecciarossa Uva Rara - Lombardy, Italy
Porcini are the forest's altruistic gift to gastronomy, and they love a wine that emulates their seductive expression of earthiness. Frecciarossa's organically-farmed Uva Rara has a similarly definitive terrestrial memory, evoking vivid olfactory dreamscapes of sylvan environs and outdoor open-flame cooking. Uva Rara means "rare grape" and the term is haphazardly applied to various vines throughout all of Italy, but the Uva Rara of Northern Italy's Oltrepò Pavese district is the real deal. It brazenly embodies the charming rusticity of its singular origins, and in this case fulfills its manifest destiny — namely, flattering your porcini ragù.

– 750 ml Bottle

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