Ricotta Gnocchi With Guanciale Vinaigrette & Vine Ripened Tomatoes

Ricotta Gnocchi With Guanciale Vinaigrette & Vine Ripened Tomatoes

Guanciale Vinaigrette is a rich and bright dressing that utilizes rendered Guanciale as the fat, dijon mustard, loads of fresh garlic, and vinegar. It's rich, and works amazingly with blistered tomatoes, some fresh greens, and in this case our pan seared Ricotta Gnocchi. Here's how to put it together...

For The Kit

- 150ml Guanciale Vinaigrette
- 450g Fresh Ricotta Gnocchi
- Tomatoes on the vine
- Deepwater Farms Arugula

Preheat a non-stick pan with 2 tbsp cooking oil over medium heat. Add your Ricotta Gnocchi straight from the package (don't boil), and allow to brown on one side. Turn your gnocchi to brown other sides and add tomatoes to the pan. Allow the tomatoes to blister then add Guanciale Vinaigrette. Turn off the heat and add handfuls of arugula. Toss until Gnocchi is evenly coated and arugula is integrated into the dish, then plate!

Recipe For Guanciale Vinaigrette

250g Guanciale
10g Thinly sliced garlic
30g Grainy Dijon mustard
10g Smooth Dijon mustard
50ml Red wine vinegar
50ml Canola oil

Guanciale is the key ingredient in this recipe, the high fat content is perfect for the emulsion and has a nice smooth consistency. We like to use Salt Craft Meat Co, but you can find some at most Italian markets.

Start by removing the thick skin from your piece of Guanciale. Using a sharp petty knife, run the blade just underneath the skin and be sure to keep the fat layer intact. Next we will create small uniform cubes; slice the meat into even thickness and stack your pieces. Then slice again lengthwise, and one more time across until cubed.

Next we will slowly render the Guanciale by leaving in a pan over low-medium heat. Stir occasionally to ensure the meat is evenly cooked, the pan should be hot but not smoking - turn down the heat if necessary. Once all of your cubes are crisp and the fat is rendered out, turn off the heat and add thinly sliced garlic. Your garlic should cook with the residual heat of the fat.

(FYI we are using a full 1KG piece of Guanciale in these photos because we like to make a lot)

Now that your Guanciale is crisp and rendered and your garlic is soft, separate the fat by straining into a container. Don't throw this away as it will be reincorporated into the vinaigrette.

In a mixing bowl, combine your Grainy and Smooth Dijon mustards with red wine vinegar. Once mixed, slowly add the rendered Guanciale fat and emulsify by continually whisking. Once all your liquids are emulsified, add back your Guanciale/garlic! Your vinaigrette is now ready for your Gnocchi dish. You may also like to use this in a Panzanella salad, potato salad, or kale. 

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