June Pasta Club Wine Picks

June Pasta Club Wine Picks

This month we have a two very unique pairings to go with two very unique pastas! Lucky for you, if you are a Pasta + Wine Club member you'll already be receiving the bottle that best pairs with your pasta delivery. 

June Feature Pasta:

Mafalda Corta with 'Nduja Sausage & Tomato Passata with Whipped Mascarpone, and Herb Pistou

Wine Pairing:

Savian 'Evento' Rose Vino Spumante

The Savian ‘Evento Rose’ is a beautiful sparkling Rose from Veneto made from Merlot. The family was one of the first to convert to Organic farming in 1993. The lower alcohol, sitting at 11%, provides just a touch of sweetness that works as the perfect counterpart to the spiciness of the Nduja. The bright acidity matches the passata, and the extended tank ageing refines the bubbles to a delicate mouse that compliments the creaminess of the whipped Mascarpone. This is truly a wonderful and surprising accompaniment for this month’s feature pasta as well as the start of summer.

Second June Feature Pasta:

Asparagus Tagliolini with Lemon Beurre Monté and Pistachio Tarragon Gremolata

Wine Pairing:

Guérin's "Abstraction #2" Sauvignon Blanc

Guérin's "Abstraction #2" Sauvignon Blanc holds a liquid mirror up to the fresh, snappy flavours of springtime, distilling everything that's verdant and crunchy into a single refreshing sip. Maritime saltiness spritzed over a citrus twang, it's a zesty RTD that grew right out of the ground!

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