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Château Viella Madiran

Château Viella Madiran

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Château Viella Madiran "Tradition" - Southwest France 

In many ways, pasta e fagioli is an Italian version of cassoulet, and no wine underlines the disarming modesty and alluring richness of such a dish quite as well as Madiran. More full-blooded than full-bodied, Château Viella's "Tradition" offers a panoply of dusty black fruit, unbridled spice, and a fearsome trifecta of grit, grip and game. It's a splendorous example of liquid wabi-sabi, demonstrating that affable coarseness can be a welcome virtue.

Madiran is Bordeaux's southern cousin, but its rugged, spicy and powerful wines are resilient to the fashions of the wine world. Likewise, the place itself seems delightfully impervious to the gentrification that's tarnished so many of France's classic regions. This is the homeland of the unsung Tannat grape (in this case supported by a splash of Cabernet Franc) and hearty, indulgent food.

Château Viella's vineyards have been farmed by four generations of the Bortolussi family, and are presently under the stewardship of sisters Claire and Marion. Among other positive developments, they've implemented organic farming and have brought an unforeseen level of clarity and generosity to their family's hearty, robust wines. 

Words by: Al Drinkle, Metrovino

– 750 ml Bottle

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