Sylvan Star Smoked Gouda Alfredo

Adjacent to River Cafe's locally sourced Bison Bolognese, we thought we'd take another local spin on a classic dish originating from Rome – Alfredo. We are again heading to Sylvan Star, this time for their Smoked Gouda as well as Vital Green Farms in Butte Alberta for their organic heavy cream. For an easy protein addition to this dish, we recommend roasted or pulled chicken.


300g Fresh Casarecce Pasta
125g Butter
25g Garlic
15g Shallot
100g White Wine
250g Cream (preferably Vital Green Farms 52%)
2.5g Parsley
2.5g Thyme
2.5g Oregano
125g Sylvan Star Smoked Gouda


Start a pot of salted water on the side for your pasta and bring to a boil. Begin the Alfredo sauce by melting butter in a pan over low-medium heat, careful not to brown. Sauté garlic and shallots until softened, then deglaze with the white wine and allow the alcohol to reduce. 

Stir in your cream. Vital Green Farms cream can be thick, whisk in small amounts of water if necessary to ensure a smooth but not runny consistency. Bring cream to a low simmer and whisk in cheese. Do not over-reduce as the sauce will thicken as it cools down.

Add your Casarecce to boiling water and cook for 2-3 minutes until al dente. Strain the pasta, saving some of the water. Transfer to the pan with Alfredo sauce and bring heat up to a medium simmer. Toss the pasta and add in chopped herbs, adding small amounts of pasta water and extra gouda until evenly coated. Plate in a large sharing bowl or on separate plates – garnish with more cheese, and chopped parsley if desired.