Classic Carbonara by Chef Carl Warren


Classic Carbonara by Chef Carl Warren

Carbonara is one of Italy's oldest pasta dishes. The sauce consists mostly of egg yolk and rendered fat from pork, making it a rich and velvety flavour. Our chef Carl Warren has prepared a recipe and method for you to cook this dish at home using our fresh Spaghetti Alla Chitarra.


30ml vegetable oil
60g salt cured pork, (guanciale or pancetta)
10g fresh minced garlic
50ml white wine
120ml chicken stock
3 egg yolk
150ml cream
80g fresh parmesan, fine grated (use a microplane if possible)
Fresh chopped italian flat leaf parsley, to garnish
Fresh cracked pepper
200g fresh spaghetti 


Bring salty water to a boil for your pasta. On medium/high heat, sweat off and slightly crisp salt pork in oil. Once rendered, add fresh garlic and immediately deglaze the pan with white wine. Add chicken stock and reduce down so the pan is almost dry, careful not to burn the garlic. In a small bowl, whisk together 2 of the egg yolks with cream. Cook spaghetti, and add to the frying pan, adding a touch of the pasta water with it. Add the egg yolk and cream mixture to the pan, and reduce heat. Add half the parmesan to the pan, constantly stirring. It will thicken up quite quick, at which point, remove from heat and begin plating. Plate noodles, sauce, and top with additional egg yolk, remaining parmesan, parsley and fresh cracked pepper.